May Family Christmas Letter-2015

Can you believe we are near the end of 2015?! Times flies, that’s for sure! And considering the last time I wrote a Christmas letter, well, time has been long gone! But, praise the Lord for NOW, right! So let me give you the scoop on our family!

We currently live in Estherville, Iowa (North of Nowhere, okay not really). We are in the far NW corner of Iowa! And Yes, honey, it is cold here.  We have been living in Iowa for two years. We have come to love small-town living, in most cases. The children are growing leaps and  bounds. Oh! So is Duke! We are still a homeschooling family.

Although we are still eight hours away from family, we are confident the LORD has us here for His perfect reason.  He has taken good care of us and has been so faithful in His care of us!


First I will start with the A-B-C  Kids!


Amber is eleven years old, yall. Oh man, I don’t know if I can take it! She is continuing to developing into this beautiful Christ treasuring young lady. She doesn’t play when it comes to living out the commandments(John 13:34-35). And if you need prayer, just let this little sister know! She is still as feisty as the the day she was born. Amber is currently in the fifth grade and doesn’t really care for school unless it has to do with Art or a subject using her creativity. She told me one day in October of this year, that she and her husband were going to send their children to  “regular” school. I did not know how I should take that comment. But, I remembered Bonnie MacGregor telling me her stories of her son saying various things concerning homeschooling. The irony in all this is that she changed her goal from being a doctor, to becoming an Art Teacher! Amazing.  Speaking of Art, she has been taking Art Classes at an Art Center  and she loves it! This year Amber has grown more curious and enthused with missionaries and Christ workers of old: Corrie Ten Boone (her favorite), Amy Carmichael, William Booth, Nate Saint, and many more. I can hardly keep up!


Brooklyn is ten years old! Yes, can you believe it!  Brooklyn  has continued to into a beautiful nurturer! Her heart is so full and she adores her Lord and Savior! Her heartstrings run deep into the hand of the LORD! She loves friendship, especially her friendships with Nixie, Nevaeh, Jocelyn and her BFF, Miss Mary! Brooklyn is also in the fifth grade and loving it! She is is my easy learner. She loves to read and help teach her brother whatever she knows. She began taking piano lessons this year. She has a natural ear for playing and is being taught how to read music and enhance her God given talent for His glory and purposes. She is being taught by the best and most tenderhearted, Godfearing woman who happens to be a very gifted pianist!


Curran is eight years old, yall! Ugh! I have no more babies. He is the most adorable, tenderhearted, and manly theologian a mama could ask of the LORD! Curran is constantly growing. Seriously. He is! He loves the doing school. He does fifth grade work with his sisters, and some third grade work. He has been enjoying reading and has begun to read his first chapter book about Captain America! He is on page 19! Curran loves to dance and sing and talk, talk, talk!  We are currently helping him learn that he does not have to comment on everything.  Which is a hard lesson for us all, if we are honest. He is such a thinker. He can go from being goofy to being intently in thought! He loves and imitates his father. And looks forward to growing up to be tall! He enjoys playing young justice when the girls have a friend over. He is a great chef! He wants to be a “Trash” man when he grows up so that when he picks up trash he can share the Gospel of Jesus!

Curran dancing(click <—There)


A-B-C Kids  are currently into :

A: JEM and the Holograms, making barbie dolls n to Jem, LEGOS and creating podbcasts

B: JEM and the Holograms, barbies, her babydolls, LEGOS, Kindle reading and games, playing Chess, being with friends.

C: LEGOS, video games, play games with sisters, listening to adverntures in Odyssey


As for Me (Tamika), well now! Obviously, I am at home with my children and continuing to homeschool. This year has been a transitional year for our family and I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness through it all. I can feel the Lord’s hand steadying me. Joseph and I just celebrated twelve years of marriage. I  am a better wife and friend to him. I currently serve in a community women’s Bible study. The Lord is doing marvelous things in these women’s lives.


Joseph is still serving as Pastor and working for contract with the State of Iowa, in working with Iowa families. He enjoys his job and works really hard to provide for his family and as advocate for children in these families. He just made 35 years this month! He still has handsome as ever. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Duke is still alive and active.



We are currently in the middle of a Church Plant. JOY! Fellowship is the name given. We are sure of the LORD’s call in this and will continue to trust and follow Him! We are surrounded, near and far, by many who lift us up and Christ’s ministry in prayer. We are grateful for the ongoing mentor-ship and friendships. Paul said in his letter to the Church at Philippi, “….holding fast the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I will have reason to glory because I did not run in vain nor toil in vain. But even if I am being poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I rejoice and share my joy with you all. You too, I urge you, rejoice in the same way and share your joy with me.” (Philippians 2:16-18)

We truly believe all of ours lives, for those of who have placed themselves under Christ’s Kingship, should be pouring out our lives out as an offering unto Christ, for serving others and teaching them and seeing them strengthened them in their faith. For this reason, we choose not to complain, even in our weariness. The Lord never fails. His love is sure and true. WE fall on Him when we are afraid or unsure. He, via His Holy Spirit is our helper. Praise You , LORD for not leaving us alone!

Weekly we meet with our peeps! We are currently reading through the book of Romans and studying the functions of the Church, Christ’s Bride!

We aim to SHINE BRIGHT for Jesus in our neighborhoods and communities, not only in word, but in deed and in faith by sharing our faith. (Works without faith is dead-James 2:14-26)

Please pray we continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and trust Him to build His Church through our obedience. And pray He keeps us from the evil one and that we remain in the will of the Father!

Pray for our children and that their light will never dim for Jesus!

Here are some of pictures from this year! Enjoy. And, please don’t be mad if you don’t see yo’ face. We love you the same!